Github Copilot a few thoughts

TLDR; Is better than iPhone Siri 😅, but keep reading …

My full stack assistant

As we all know, at work we never have to deal with only one programing language and with the copilot, I jumped on any project with no fear.

Is not all gold that it shines

Is not perfect and it cannot replace a human. Although it keeps track of the context of the application to generate suggestions and code, sometimes you need to read the documentation of the language/library or google for an answer.


Completely useless !!!

Project structure and configuration

Completely useless !!!

Cleaning the windows is a job copilot will never do, so their job is SAFE

Where does copilot really shine?

Writing code!

Junior, Medium 🤷‍♀️, Senior Developers

So how will copilot impact the different levels that developers are at?

if you are a smart and passionate junior developer learn discipline and copilot is no problem to you

Medium: this is where my skin gets bumps.
A developer that writes code because is his job is where the copilot will help create abominations. Those kinds of medium-level developers were a threat to humankind already, with copilot they can finally show their final form.

Copilot needs a lot of supervision

This is very interesting since copilot is not actually running on our machines but it actually sends context about our project to Github/Microsoft and receives the suggestions, it kind of indicates that we are training it.


I don’t think it will be able to replace developers, maybe in 10 years, but for now, we are safe.



Full stack developer

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