Great companies that are recruiting, and you should definitely apply

Front-end developer

  • We are organized in product-oriented teams and are aligned around customer-first experiences.
  • We collaborate directly with business stakeholders to achieve quality first.
  • We have created a flat organization of self-managed product development teams.
  • We are moving towards an architecture based on business services, which will free us to innovate in our unique sector.
  • We offer great training on software engineering practices, from design to continuous deployment.
  • We provide a technical career path, with pay according to your skills and value for the team.
  • We offer a pleasant and productive work environment in the heart of Gucci headquarters.
  • You will help in creating a positive technical culture where helping and asking for help is second nature.
  • You will design and write excellent JavaScript (or cousin) code, or any other language needed to deliver great software.
  • You will work to make the distinction between live code and development code irrelevant. You will pair with your colleagues to write better software.
  • You will review your team’s code and provide helpful criticism and improvements.
  • You will write tests in multiple ways at multiple times, to help your design and to ensure you never have to fear a change.
  • You will take time to learn anything you need to work well and solve problems.


This is a small company with a great future

Senior Engineer (Full Stack)

As part of the team, you will …

👩‍💻Directly impact users

What we need

🤝You share our values

Our Stack

Gitpod is a distributed application running on Kubernetes

We care about you

  • 6 weeks paid time off
  • Fully remote & flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary & equity package
  • Regular offsites with the whole company
  • Mental health stipend
  • Educational budget
  • Physical health stipend
  • Premium work-from-home equipment

The Process

We are fully remote — so is our hiring process. We value written and async communication, you will get a taste of it during the process.

  • Step 1 — Submit your application by filling out the form on the right side. The more information you give us the better. We will review your submission and may reach out with a quick questionnaire.
  • Step 2 — Screening questionnaire (async). We prepared a couple of questions that you can either answer in text or by recording a Loom video.
  • Step 3 — Technical challenge & interview. We are open-source so we are interested in how you would tackle solving some of our real-world challenges. We take them directly from our backlog. We are conscious of your time and will, of course, reimburse you for your efforts.
  • Step 4 — Gitpod Fit. All Gitpodders share a set of values. Get to know our founders and see if it is fit and a common ground for a successful working relationship.
  • Step 5 — References. Before receiving the offer we would like to better understand how former colleagues have worked together with you.
  • Step 6 — Join Gitpod and help remove friction from the developer experience 🍾


Software Developer — Full Stack JavaScript (Remote)


Those are 3 great companies, with 3 great positions.



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