How to use clash-of-clans-api in NodeJs




we will first create a very fast server-application, and later in part 2 we will go into details about how use the information.

Lets start

  1. Go to: and download the LTS version.
  2. Install Nodejs on your machine. ( in this case, just press next as fast as you can )
  3. Go to: and download and then install the “code editor”.
  4. Go to “Desktop”, create a new folder named “clash-of-clan-server-application”. ( please youse the same exact name )
  5. Open VS Code, and drag & drop the folder “clash-of-clan-server-application” into VS Code.
  6. Go do: Navbar of VS Code and open a new terminal
for security reasons i offuscate my ip


the “playerByTag” is not present into the documentation in Github so i thought this will create confusion for junior developers

(Update November 2021)

I’m back on writing clash of clan tutorials, here is how you can create your own proxy on Google Cloud Platform with a static IP let me know what you think and if you need anything else. Feel free to ask me anything, consider me you friend.



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