Stats for Mac Power Users…

What is stats?

For me is the best macOS system monitor in your menu bar.

My current configuration

And this is how many configurations you can choose from


I will start with fans control since you may not be a geek and choose to download the tool.
But just the fans should convince you to download it, and at least try it.

Those are the fans on my new MBP 14", they are set on automatic and are all the time on 0 unless I do some heavy use ( or I just use Gimp 😩 )

Then I can set them on a specific speed:

Like right now, the fans are at half speed ( i never use them at half speed, although like right now I feel a cool sensation on my palms rest where is the battery, it feels great ).

Or you can go full blast.
I go full blast when I want to game
, this will prevent my processor from throttling or overheating. It won’t prevent throttling 100% of the time, but for sure is much better than letting MacOS decide this.

I have colleagues that have a huge monolith to run locally, and they have i9 from 2019, yeah the MBP that throttles to i7 performance 🥴.


for the CPU I like just the graph with the vertical bars

Simply because my mac has 2 efficient cores ( the first 2 ), and 6 high-performance cores.

I can easily see how my CPU is handling different tasks that I throw at it.

But you can choose what suits you better

Possible CPU stats that you can choose from

You can choose 1 or even all of them from the above to show in your menu bar.

and then each widget has a different configuration.

With this widget, I was able to see that the Xcode was installing using only the 2 energy-efficient cores and understood why the Xcode was taking so much to install.


On the battery, I like to see the time to discharge ( time left of battery )

The cycles my battery has.

Also, the Temperature of the battery is very important info. A battery that goes hot degrades quicker. So you can use the fans to try to keep it cold.
There are 2 scenarios to keep in mind:
1. Fast charging, is heating up the battery pretty much, especially the 150w charger.
2. Summer, yeah in summer with >28℃ your entire computer will go hot, use the fans to keep it cold. Trust me is worth it.


This is not necessary, but sometimes I want to know if the Mac is downloading something or is just a slow network.

Also sometimes you need to know your IP local/public, and with this view, you have easy access to it. ( this could also be a bad thing, please be aware )


I don’t personally use GPU.

Feel free to check it yourself, and leave a comment about it.


Sensors are something that I don’t use for now, but I think is very important, since it gives you temperature vital information from hardware. I think I will use it in the summer.

That’s it

That is it, folks.

You can download it from here stats

Or you can check out the Github repository

Disclosure: I was not sponsored to do this review. Are just software I use and I really love.

Also is free.

If you don’t trust free, you can go iStats Menu

Thank you for reading and as always,
If you enjoyed please leave a few claps 👏👏👏
As it really helps me a lot.

Have a lovely day.



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