I think that when you go and read the code that you need to copy is a bit safer than adding a dependency in the pom.xml.

when adding dependencies, a developer puts a huge amount of trust into someone else code, do you agree with this?

as for a simple logging library, why did developers implemented the jndi into it?

where is the SOLID?

where is DDD?

where are the best practices?

and this is apache we are talking about.

is this apache fault?

off course not!

this is the fault of millions of lazy developers that for anything they need just search for a library, without even knowing what it does.

is like running CLI commands from the internet.d

we are developers and is somehow fine, but imagine this level of laziness on surgeon, bridge engineer, or a train mechanic ...

we as developers even more so for software engineers, need to be more responsible!


Full stack developer

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