I think you are a rare case of person that windows actually works all the time.
In 2010 I bought my first MacBook Pro, and a friend told me “once you go Mac, you never go back” and it was true for my private life, is just so much better:
- included software that comes with the OS ( photos, iMovie, garage band, numbers, keynote… )

- great build materials, well builded. Although Apple had its issues, it was still the most desired on the market.
- great battery life
- best trackpad period
At work unfortunately I always get windows, because they are cheaper:
- windows comes with manufacture bloat ware
- office is not free
- no photos app
- no video editing
- no audio editing
- you most likely need a an antivirus (if is not coming bundled in the bloatware)
- plastic bending case.
- bad battery
- horrible microfono quality
- horrible audio case quality
- horrible display, unless you go premium and pay a close price to a MacBook
- CMD vs terminal …
My first MacBook Pro, I had it for 7 years 2010-2017 and I gave it to apple and they gave me 200€ for it. The same laptop on eBay was selling at 400€.
The apple computers, like the new M1, do not depreciate as any other computer does.

You pay more, I agree, and is hard to spend €2400 ( base model ) for a computer when the salary is a minimum wage. But if anyone can do it, is actually an investment. Specially if you are going to use it for work.


Full stack developer

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