Just got my new 14" MacBook Pro, here are the application I installed as Full Stack Developer

Developer Tools

  1. Homebrew
    The Package Manager for macOS. (it also works with Linux)
    Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple (or your Linux system) didn’t.
    Homebrew should be the first one to install, it will make other installations much easier. It also installs the missing “developer tools” that usually come with Xcode.
    ( please don’t install anything else until you finish this. On M1 sometimes it will interfere with other installations).
    Also please remember to run the 2 commands after the installation
echo 'eval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"' >> /Users/username/.zprofileeval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"

EDIT: brew explicitly asks for us to run the 2 commands after the installation, to have brew command after each restart

2. Stats
is a free and open-source system monitor in your menu bar for macOS.
I highly recommend it. Is pretty cool.

Also to see how your computer is working while installing all the new software is a great sensation.

Also is not intrusive as software, so you can remove it when you want without having things remaining in the system.

3. Xcode
If you want to develop an application for Apple devices, you are going to need it.

If it remains stuck installing for hours, don’t worry, is just an Apple bug, for some reason is using just the 2 efficient cores to install it, and not using all of the M1 Cores

4. Android Studio
Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device.


5. IntelliJ
Simply one of the best IDE for developers.
But is also one of the most heavily on the system, I avoid as much as possible to use it especially while traveling, it eats the battery like is breakfast.

6. Sublime Text
A basic, very light text editor. I use it for fast opening of projects and quickly scan them. Also very good on temporary saving information on it.
This is my personal favorite!
This IDE is built by an ex-Google engineer. At the first iteration, many years ago, he build it for himself, but his colleagues like it and so it became a sellable product.

7. Sublime Merge
Very light git client for just in case I need a git client.
Made by the same developers that build the Sublime Text, and it has the same ideology: light, simple, minimalistic, and extremely powerful !!!

8. Docker
A container manager or I could say “the container manager” ( is by far the most commonly used )

9. DBeaver
Very powerful database client, with support to every database.
Is a must for every developer.

10. VS Code

This is a new IDE made by Microsoft and released as open-source.
Microsoft hired the same Project Leader that built eclipse.
Is the most popular IDE for front-end development by far.
It also has an extension for everything, and correct me if I am wrong, but it should have support for every programming language.
Since the extensions can be written in JavaScript, it has a gazillion of developers that can and are writing extensions for it.

11. Postman

Postman is an HTTP client. One of the most popular if you look around.

Helpful Tools

  1. Magnet
    A window manager, that can easily split the window.
    this is not free, but I highly recommend id

2. Macs Fan Control
This little app will control your fans, you can choose when to make them spin. With intel sometimes I need the CPU not to throttle, so I would just start the fans at full blast and then start processing data.


  1. Slack — simple and reliable (most of the time), everyone is using it.
  2. Zoom — for video calls
  3. Ms. Teams — sometimes for video calls.
  4. Skype — some people still use it so I have to use it too.

Did I miss something?

What is the list of software that you install on the new Machine?

Thank you for reading and as always,
if you enjoyed please leave a few claps 👏👏👏
as it helps me a lot.

Have a lovely day.




Full stack developer

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Full stack developer

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