Taking notes, a soft-skill that i wish i had start using from the begging

The myth of genius

Since in all movies they picture that one hacker that in less than 1 min gets into any system and saves the world, somehow i imagine to be one or just maybe that was the bar i set for me to become. Maybe not a hero, but very good at what i do. Actually, no! not very good but extremely good.

Those hacker somehow know everything by memory and don’t even use stackoverflow, like we today do. This encouraged me to not try to just use my brain without taking notes.

This had 2 major impacts on my work as a developer ( and also in real life ):
* Never taking notes allowed me to forget allot of important things
* Never taking notes blocked me from developing extremely useful soft-skill of taking notes.

How to take notes

There are many ways to take notes, and my method is by far not the best, but is a start, at least for me is a good one.

I have recently worked with software engineer that has almost 20 years of extreme programming, and the first thing he introduced in our team was an online shareable notes taking service https://pad.riseup.net/, that also supports shared session ( similar to google docs, which is allot better since you can control better who can see you notes).

This service only supports the text, so no pictures.

This is when i understood my flaw, it doesn’t need to be fancy, just some plain text editor. Also forcing me to put in words instead of just paste an image/screenshot forces me to think deeper about the problem, making me understand even better what am i doing or need to do.

In plain text you can do many things like:

  • Lists: you can manually indent
  • Add tables using the pipe ( this syntax is similar to the markdown )
  • Keep track of a todo list

and so on…

I mean, you imagination is the only limit that you have.

Some tools that you ca use

here is the most basic list of some tools that you can use:
* A simple notes.txt file on your desktop ( i like to use a notes.md in combination with sublime-text that is very powerful and light )
* Use the google keep. ( i think google is about to kill this sevice )
* Use Google doc
* Use the fancy evernote.com , online sevice for taking very fancy notes
* I also like to use the https://pad.riseup.net/p/demo-how-to-take-notes-on-medium
If you are an apple user, just use the default one, it works great, is simple, supports all apple devices, you won’t need anything else.

That will be all folks.

What is you favorites notes taking, write it down the comments.



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