What MacBook Pro should I buy as a full-stack developer?

  • 14 inch
  • M1 pro 10 cores, 16 GPUs
  • 32 Gb RAM
  • 1 Tb SSD

I’ve been waiting since …

What screen size do I need?

What CPU should I choose?

  • Docker and running containers
  • IntelliJ with java ( we all know how badly optimized java is during development, it barely uses more than 1 CPU core )
  • DBeaver as universal databases client
  • SQL Developer ( again java based ) for PL-SQL
  • Elastic Stack ( elastic search, mi ama, Zipkin, Elasticmq ) for monitoring development
  • SmartGit
  • Anypoint Studio for MuleSoft development.
  • Visual Studio Code for NodeJS, ReactJS, Golang, and Rust development.
  • Sublime for quick file opening and notes taking.
  • Slack and MS Teams for text communications
  • Zoom for video calls ( we remote pair 8h a day )
  • Chrome for everything else: mail, music, research, Jira, confluence …
  • Xcode with multiple simulators open ( occasionally )

How much RAM do I need

What disk size?


Edit 24 Dic 2021



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