you sound like a PM who is traking work with an excell sheet.

i did the mistake of using the word "saved" instead of "replaced".

Copilot is not instant, does not just generate code that i just think of. It needs some context, that can be a comment, start writing some code (const ..., function ...), then it requires time to comunicate with microsoft servers, in order to predict the code to suggest, and than you need to validate the suggestion by accepting or continue writing the correct code until it will suggest what you want.

Also copilot is far from perfect, so many times suggests the wrong code, or code with old sintax. For example, in JS it suggests many times code with callbacks.

Copilot is like a intern with huge amount of knowledge, but has little clue on how to apply it, or what is the best solution.

Many times the logic ( the iifs) inside the methods is missing a hard to find logic.

paying 10€ a month is like having an intern that you pay 80k a month., and you need a senor to check everting he is doing.

40k can do, 80k is a bit too much.


Full stack developer

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